Posted on Feb 7, 2018

Aesthetic Dentist Yishun

Are your children teased about the discolouration of their teeth? How about yourself? Are you embarrassed by the discolouration of your own aging teeth? Or are you an ex-smoker seeking to erase your years of tobacco stains? Teeth Whitening is a cost-effective, simple and safe solution to improve the smiles of many people. However, there are still many doubts among patients about this treatment. Hopefully, you can find the answers to some of your questions here.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a process that your teeth undergo to become several shades whiter with a bleaching agent. There are two types of dentist-supervised teeth whitening:
(a) In-office Chair-side Whitening (done in the dental clinic). It uses hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching gel and is light activated. This is extremely popular with busy executives who need this quick fix to ace their next job interview or prepare for their hot date. Results can be seen in an hour.

(b) Home Whitening (done in the comfort
of your own home). Carbamide peroxide is commonly used. Results can generally be seen in 2 to 6 weeks of nightly wear, but can happen in a matter of days. Your dentist will take a mould of your teeth and fabricate a customised soft tray for you. It costs less than the chair-side whitening and is usually associated with less or no sensitivity.
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